RenVM Testnet Demo FAQ

The RenVM Testnet Demo is a simple DEX we created to showcase RenVM’s functionality.

For ChaosDEX FAQ please go here: Thank you!

RenVM Testnet Demo

The Scope

The RenVM Testnet Demo is a simple DEX we created to showcase RenVM’s functionality. It is not RenEx, nor will we be pursuing the creation of a standalone DEX at this time. This demo is based on a Uniswap’s exchange model (x*y=k), so the automated market-making (of Testnet tokens). This demo will remain on Testnet only.

The Goal

The goal is to show projects (who are interested in bringing this functionality to their own DeFi applications) how RenVM works and what a typical user experience may look like.

Please note, some of the steps in the Demo can be hidden from the end-user, but have been kept to showcase RenVM’s internal steps.

RenVM Testnet Bug Hunting

This is our first release of RenVM Testnet and we expect to find bugs and for things to break!

As you know, Testnet is about preparing for Mainnet, and the biggest part of that is catching bugs that we haven't. This is a necessary part of the process, but it is also incredibly useful to the Ren dev team to have people using it nonetheless. We encourage all members of our community to test it out and let us know what they find. Expect things to break in the first few releases as we iron things out.

So what does that mean? It means we want you to find bugs and break things!

We encourage all who utilize the demo and/or SDK's to test our products under a variety of circumstance, try and find bugs, and then report them to us via this form. We pride ourselves on open development, and this approach will allow us to expedite our ability to find bugs, so happy hunting!

RenVM Testnet Bug Form:

Testnet Faucets Options

There is no Testnet DAI faucet, so we created our own Testnet DAI (and ERC-20 contract):


With this said, you must trade Testnet BTC to DAI first, in order to get Testnet DAI to then trade back and forth.

These are 3rd party resources and work intermittently, so please be aware.

Getting Started | Directions

1) BTC Testnet Wallet and a Metamask wallet 2) Testnet BTC and Testnet ETH

Step by Step Guide

1) Choose an option and then set up a BTC Testnet wallet: a) or b) *Individual's can use option (a) as a wallet and a faucet; simply use the: Give back /Donate tBTC (bottom of webpage) as your 'return address'. 2) If you choose wallet option (b); send that wallet Testnet BTC via a faucet.

3) Set up an ETH Testnet wallet via MetaMask: *Kovan Testnet 4) Send that wallet Testnet ETH via faucet (for GAS)

5) Begin trading BTC to DAI and follow the prompts on the Demo! 6) Start with the BTC to DAI pair first and please use small trading amounts so our liquidity pool doesnt get depleted. Thank you!

General FAQ

  1. The Kovan Test Network

    1. The testnet demo is running on the Kovan Test Network. To utilize the demo, one must set their MetaMask wallet to the Kovan Test Network (purple color).

      1. You do this by selecting the top middle button, which states: Main Ethereum Network

  2. How do I report a bug/issue?

  3. The RenVM Dex Demo has frozen?

    1. Simply refresh the webpage.

      1. The demo won't move forward if you send an incorrect amount of BTC or DAI.

    2. If you believe it is a bug or error, please fill out the form above.

  4. Why is the exchange rate displaying incorrectly?

    1. This means the testnet liquidity pool is likely off balance (e.g. more BTC than DAI or visa versa); there is no issue with the underlying tech, so not to worry.

  5. Why do your marketing efforts not address ZEC, even though it is available on the DEX Demo?

    1. The ZEC Testnet infrastructure is quite limited and difficult to use, so we encourage the public to just test BTC and DAI.

    2. If you are an advanced user or Dev, feel free to test ZEC.

  6. If you send an incorrect amount of Testnet BTC, DAI or ZEC RenVM will not proceed and will freeze.

    1. To work in the reset function on the Testnet Demo would take time and is not the best use of our resources; this will not be an issue on Mainnet or with end-user applications.