Whether you're a brand new dapp or an established company, it's simple to start seamlessly moving assets across blockchains with RenVM.

Welcome to the Ren Developer documentation! Here you'll find everything developers need to know about building decentralized applications using RenVM. For more lower-level details on the inner workings of the RenVM network, check out the specification on GitHub.

To see RenVM use cases in action, check out our RenLab example site.

Integrate faster with GatewayJS

Get up and running today with an embeddable front-end widget that provides users with the best, safest, and quickest cross-chain experience possible.

Start with your use case

Learn how to support new trading pairs and liquidity, bring diverse forms of collateral to lending platforms, and more.

Enhance your user experience

Reduce user friction by removing the need for users to hold ETH and expediting the time it takes to move assets across chains.

Clone a sample project

Dig into one of our functional example projects on GitHub: