Ren Brand Hub
Welcome to the Ren Brand Hub for partners and integrators. Here you’ll find all Ren logos, promotional imagery, diagrams to help explain RenVM to your users and logos for shifted assets.

The Official Ren Brand Manual

The brand manual includes our updated assets which can be exported in svg / png / jpg format.

Company Overview

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      Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains.
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    Company Overview
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      Ren is a distributed team of experienced blockchain developers, designers and communication experts. Ren is committed to providing interoperability solutions for the free movement of value between blockchains. RenVM, a virtual machine replicated over thousands of Darknodes is Ren’s core product and facilitates the trustless and decentralized transfer of digital assets between blockchains.
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    About the Ren Brand Hub
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      Please do not recolour any of the logos or assets unless you’ve received prior permission from the Ren team.
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      Please never skew any of the logos or change the aspect ratio.

RenVM logo

This is the RenVM logo and should be used when integrating RenVM into your dApp/product/service.
Boilerplate RenVM is a trustless custodian that holds your digital assets as they move between blockchains.
RenVM wordmark Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png
Full lockup Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png

Powered by RenVM logo

This is the ‘Powered by RenVM’ logo and should be used within your dApp user interface (UI). Over time we’ll update this section with examples of how others have utilized this logo. Choose the Black or White version that contrasts the best with your UI. If you’d like help applying this logo within your dApp, please reach out to us on Telegram.
Dark: svg / png / jpg Light: svg / png / jpg Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png

Ren logo

This is the main Ren logo and should always be used as is. This logo should be used when reflecting the Ren company or REN token, for example when partnering with us.
Note: If you have integrated RenVM into your dApp please use the RenVM logo found above.
REN Icon Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png
Ren logo Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png
Ren logo + tagline Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png

Ren Alliance logo

This logo is for members of the Ren Alliance. Please do not use this logo unless you are an approved member of the Ren Alliance. If you wish to be a Ren Alliance member, apply here.
Ren Alliance logo Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png


This is the logo for RenBridge, where users can mint and release BTC, BCH, and ZEC and more on Ethereum and other host chains as wrapped cross-chain tokens.
RenBridge logo Black: svg / png / jpg White: svg / png

Promotional Imagery

This is a collection of stock imagery you can use for blog posts and social media when announcing a partnership with Ren or when you integrate RenVM into your dApp. Ren pattern/promo pack: zip

System Diagrams

Here you’ll find a collection of diagrams and instructional graphics aimed at helping your users understand how RenVM works and what happens to their digital assets while interacting with RenVM. How does RenVM work? jpg Shifting in BTC jpg Shifting out BTC jpg

Tokenized Asset logos

Once an asset is in the custody of RenVM, a token at a 1:1 value is minted on the destination chain - this can then be used as any token can within that destination chain's ecosystem (for example, swaps, collateralization, trades etc.). To visually differentiate between the underlying asset (for example, BTC) and its tokenized counterpart, we’ve developed a set of “Tokenized Asset” logos. We've tried as much as possible to create a seamless user experience where the end-user is not even aware of the Tokenized Asset - where possible we’ve tried to ensure the end-user feels like they’re interacting with the underlying asset. However, there are some instances where you’ll need to use the Tokenized Asset logo, such as on block explorers. If you’re unsure whether to use the underlying asset’s logo or the tokenized asset logo, reach out to us on Telegram.
renBTC: svg / png / jpg
renBCH: svg / png / jpg
renDGB: svg / png / jpg
renDOGE: svg / png / jpg
renFIL: svg / png / jpg
renLUNA: svg / png / jpg
renZEC: svg / png / jpg
Want to export any of the logos in a particular size? Go here: Logo repository

Looking to define a Tokenized Asset in your frontend for your users? Here is our go-to definition.

"renBTC is a tokenized representation of BTC on <blockchain name>. It is an <token type eg ERC-20), and backed 1:1 with real BTC locked in RenVM, a decentralized custodian. It is redeemable at any time for real BTC."
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