Multichain Requirements

A holistic overview of the Multichain requirements for blockchains looking to integrate with Ren.

Objective: Provide an overview of the requirements for new blockchains to be formally supported by Ren.

Scope: Requirements, prerequisites, and guidelines for blockchains (Source or Destination) that are looking to be added to Ren.

Outcome: Ensure all stakeholders have incentives aligned for a successful and sustained relationship, along with bootstrapping proper liquidity within the DeFi Ecosystem.


  1. The chain must use a standard account model, or UTXO model.

  2. The chain must support the secp256k1 ECDSA scheme (either explicitly, or through smart contracts).

  3. Node infrastructure must be open-sourced, well-documented, and be stable when running in a Docker container.

  4. A stable Testnet environment and a provision of testnet tokens for testing.

  5. The blockchain project has been in existence for over one (1) year, and has been on Mainnet for at least two (2) to three (3) Months.

  6. At time of application, the blockchain project must be in the top 200 of

  7. The blockchain project has never been attacked (double spend, etc.) and is not at risk of such.

General Requirements

These are mandatory requirements and incumbent upon the applying project.

  1. Complete the Multichain PR:

  2. Agree to a binding liquidy mining subsidy of 50K USD to ensure proper liquidity bootstrapping within DeFi. Applicable to source and destination chains. More information in the Liquidity Mining Requirements section.

  3. Provide a node infrastructure grant to support blockchain up-time for two (2) years, while volume is bootstrapped. Exact grant amount to be dependent on node infrastructure requirements and costs.

  4. Create and maintain a fully functional RenBridge like UI for users (prior to release).

    1. Projects can simply fork RenBridge as needed, or utilize RenJS.

Liquidity Mining Requirements

  1. Liquidity Mining Campaign

    1. Choose an AMM of your choice (Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, Linkswap, Bancor, 1Inch, etc.) if your asset is a Source Chain being bridged with Ethereum, creating a base pair of your wrapped assets ($renXXX) with $ETH. If your chain is a Destination Chain being bridged with other Ren-supported chains, choose an AMM and create a base pair with $renBTC and the main liquid asset on your chain.

    2. Incentivize AMM pool with a liquidity mining campaign (subsidy).

      1. Specific USD subsidy is a minimum of 50K USD in the ren-wrapped token.

        1. This is necessary to seed liquidity that is deep enough for gas-less transactions.

        2. Further, the greater the subsidy, the greater the liquidity bootstrapping and attention the asset will receive. The Ren team will not match your subsidy, this is a mandatory requirement and is incumbent on the blockchain project.

  2. LP Staking UI | Once an AMM and subsidy have been finalized, the Ren team will work with you as needed to help design a staking UI for the LP token. This ensures the public has an easy way to participate and capture rewards.

Co-Marketing Requirements

  1. Commit to and design a co-marketing campaign to ensure proper dissemination.

    1. Along with the Ren team, design and disseminate a robust co-marketing campaign to ensure all communities are properly informed of the opportunity at hand.

      1. Each team must write a blog and disseminate via Social Media channels when the program is live.

      2. Each team to pursue public relations and community efforts to ensure wider public dissemination.

  2. This campaign will be released in unison with the asset being added to RenBridge (or similar) along with the liquidity mining campaign.

Recurring Requirements

  1. Node Infrastructure Remuneration | First two tears of support

    1. Remuneration for blockchain node infrastructure as noted in General Requirements.

  2. Annual Ren Volume Reqs | After year two

    1. Maintain 10 Million USD Total Volume Transacted on an annual basis. If the project fails to maintain relevant volume on an annual basis for two consecutive years, the community can vote to remove support via governance.

  3. Critical Blockchain Updates & Forks | Multichain PR Modification

    1. Assist the Ren team in updating relevant libraries to ensure uptime and uninterrupted support fo the asset or blockchain.

Next Steps

To initiate the consideration for Ren addition, the first step is to:

1) Complete the Ren Multichain Github PR. 2) Once complete, contact the team and each party will come to an agreement on the above dynamics. 3) Once requirements 1 & 2 are complete, the blockchain will be added to the queue.

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