Interoperability has arrived
Chaosnet is no longer live, RenVM is now on Mainnet.


True interoperability for DeFi has finally arrived (albeit unaudited); trustlessly trade real cross-chain assets on a decentralized exchange.
Inspired by our friends at Uniswap, ChaosDEX is a straightforward decentralized exchange (DEX) that demonstrates the true potential of RenVM. It is designed to be dead simple for traders and those who provide liquidity; this is still a testing environment and not meant to compete with other decentralized exchanges.
As a member of the public, you can do two things with ChaosDEX: 1. Trade cross-chain digital assets on a decentralized exchange. 2. Provide liquidity for these cross-chain assets and earn fees for doing so.
While real digital assets are utilized, ChaosDEX is a testing environment, it is not meant for production, nor for trading large volumes of digital assets.


Trade digital assets like you would on any other DEX, all you need is a Metamask, digital assets, and a desire to experiment!

Digital Assets Currently Supported

Bitcoin (BTC) ZCash (ZEC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Dai (DAI)

Trading Fee | 20 BPS

10 BPS (ChaosDEX Liquidity Providers) + 10 BPS (RenVM | Chaosnet Darknodes ) = 20 BPS | .2% (Total) + The blockchain specific transaction fees (for ex: bitcoin and zcash tx fees)
How does an xy=k decentralized exchange actually work? As noted, the exchange is based on Uniswap's model (i.e. xy=k). If you would like to know more about how this type of exchange works, and the implications for those who utilize it, we encourage you to check out this article.
Be sure to send exact amount of digital assets you have stipulated on ChaosDEX. If you do not, your trade will not go through and the funds will be returned the address specified (barring blockchain specific fees).

Liquidity Providers (LP)

As with Uniswap, individuals can provide liquidity in any of the above digital assets and earn fees for doing so. The fees one can earn is set to 10 BPS or .1 % per trade.
There are plenty of great articles on the risks and rewards for providing liquidity in such a system, so we do encourage you to do research prior to proceeding. We will assume you understand the risks, so reading the below information is incumbent on those participating! A few articles can be found here: 1) Uniswap: A Good Deal for Liquidity Providers? 2) Understanding Uniswap Returns
You have a real chance of losing the liquidity and/or the digital assets you trade, Chaosnet is not for the faint hearted. Please proceed at your own risk.

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