Welcome to the Darknode documentation! This book is for new and existing Darknode owners. It has everything you need to know about deploying and managing Darknodes.

  • The Getting Started guide teaches you through registering your first Darknode.

  • The Manage guide teaches you how to keep your Darknodes up to date and earning rewards.

  • The FAQ answers some of the common questions about operating Darknodes.

Darknode Quick Reference Guide

RenVM is powered by a decentralized network of machines, called Darknodes, that contribute their compute power and storage space in exchange for fees.

  • Requirements for running a Darknode are 100,000 REN tokens staked as collateral + running the Darknode software via VPS.

  • The total number of Darknodes is bound by an upper limit of 10,000 - determined by the finite supply of 1,000,000,000 REN and the 100,000 REN bond per Darknode.

  • Darknodes earn fees for powering the network.

  • Darknode setup instructions can be found here.

What is a Darknode?

Ren is built on top of a decentralised virtual machine known as RenVM. This virtual machine is replicated over thousands of machines that work together to power it, contributing their network bandwidth, their computational power, and their storage capacity. These machines are known as Darknodes.

Darknodes communicate with other Darknodes around the world to keep RenVM running. Without them, there is no virtual machine upon which Ren can exist. RenVM uses Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithms and secure multiparty computations so that Darknodes can be operated by anyone without needing to trust them. This is what makes RenVM — and by extension Ren itself — decentralised, trustless, and private.

Why run a Darknode?

Ren assumes that all Darknodes are rational and will not contribute resources to RenVM unless they are economically incentivised to do so. Users must pay fees whenever they use RenVM, whether this be moving tokens between blockchains or running trustless scripts in secret. These fees are paid out to Darknodes as a reward for contributing their resources to RenVM.