Mac OS

How to Setup a Darknode via Google Cloud on Mac OS

The Darknode CLI is not backwards compatible with old Darknodes, so if you have ran an old darknode (Chaosnet or otherwise), you need to start fresh! Trying to managing old backups with the new darknode-cli, it’s not going to work. The old Darknode CLI must be used to deregister old Darknodes, therefore you must completely deregister old Darknode first. You cannot upgrade your CLI until you have done this.

*If this is your first time running a Darknode start at Step 2.

Step 1: Destroy old Darknode(s)

  1. If you have any previously deployed Darknodes; deregister, refund and destroy by following these instructions.

  2. After this has been fully completed, delete the entire .darknode backup folder on your computer. It is no longer relevant if you have completed the above steps.

  3. Confirm the API token (that correspond to the old Darknode) has been deleted via your VPS account.

Step 2: Starting Fresh | Create a Google Cloud Account and API Token

Google Cloud is a VPS provider and we only encourage those who are technically inclined to utilize this particular VPS provider due to the extra steps needed. If you'd like to proceed, please use this instruction set: