Upgrading and Downgrading VPS Droplet

How To Resize Your Darknode Droplet

Upgrading and Downgrading VPS Droplets is not necessary or advantageous for an average user, so if you are not experiencing any issues, please ignore!

Darknode Default VPS Droplet Instances:

AWS is ta 3.micro which costs around 7.5$/month. Digital Ocean is a s-1vcpu-1gb which costs 5$/month. Google Cloud is a XXX which costs 10$/month.

If you would like to resize your Darknode to the default instance, please follow the below instructions:

If you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS), you will need to replace the NEW_INSTANCE_TYPE field with the AWS EC2 instance type you wish to use, t3.micro

darknode resize YOUR-DARKNODE-NAME t3.micro

You can find all available instance types at AWS. If you are using Digital Ocean, you will need to replace the NEW_INSTANCE_TYPE field with the DigitalOcean droplet slug you wish to use, s-1vcpu-1gb.

darknode resize YOUR-DARKNODE-NAME s-1vcpu-1gb

You can find all available droplet slugs at Digital Ocean Standard plans and DigitalOcean API Slugs

This step may take up to five (5) minutes to complete. When finished your terminal will say: Apply Complete!

To resize (upgrade or downgrade) to a specific instance type, open a terminal and run:


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