How to Setup many nodes at once

If you are planning to setup many nodes at once, you might hit the Github API limit after 4-5 nodes, preventing you from deploying more until the next day. To get around that, you can create a Github access token, and use that when setting up your nodes.

The instructions for setting up darknodes using this method are the same regardless if you are doing it on a Windows/Linux or a Mac computer, and regardless of which cloud provider you are using.

Create a Github access token

  1. If you don't have one already, create an account on Github, and then go to this link:

  2. Click 'Generate new token', put a checkmark on 'repo' and 'read:packages', and then click 'Generate token':

  3. Save the Github token for later.

Specifying the Github access token during the darknode up command

  • Follow the regular instructions

  • When you get to the darknode up command, you only need to specify the Github access token in the beginning. This is the same regardless if setting it up through DO or AWS, for example for DO it looks like so:

GITHUB_TOKN=XXXXXX ; darknode up --name MY-FIRST-DARKNODE --do --do-token YOUR-API-TOKEN


    1. Input the Github access token

    2. Input a name for your Darknode but make sure it has no spaces in it or is not too long.

    3. Input your Digital Ocean API Token Example of what this would look like: GITHUB_TOKN=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 ; darknode up --name darknodesteve --do --do-token 1111aca25cc77d84299e3b8a0f76f2ec33a27b1782adc2a7a96f0468116edf46

  • If setting up many nodes at once, you can open up a terminal multiple times and run the same script in each terminal, just with a different darknode name specified. Creating multiple nodes at once won't interfere with each other.

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