Restore a Darknode through backup

How do I restore my Darknode from a backup folder?

  1. Make sure you have the darknode CLI installed on the computer you want to restore the Darknode on.

  2. Find your Darknode folder. Once found, swap out the following folder: “~/.darknode/darknodes”, by putting the contents of your old backup folder in the place instead (if you are restoring multiple Darknodes, you would paste in multiple folders, one for each node, in to the /darknodes folder.

  3. Verify that it works by entering darknode list and checking if your CLI lists your node as it should.

If you get any issues, first check if it is related to permissions on the folder, which varies depending on Mac or Linux/Windows. You can try resetting permissions. If not, it could also be related to your Terraform version on your computer. Try downgrading or upgrading your Terraform version to version 0.14.

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