Update a Darknode

How to Manually Update Your Darknode and the Darknode-CLI

Update the Darknode-CLI

1.Run this command in your computer's terminal to update your CLI:

curl https://www.github.com/renproject/darknode-cli/releases/latest/download/update.sh -sSfL | sh

2. Once updated, you can check the version of the CLI. Use the command:

darknode --version

The current Darknode CLI Version is: 3.0.11

Update your Darknode

Run this command in your computer's Terminal to update your Darknode:

darknode update YOUR-DARKNODE-NAME

Once updated, you’ll receive a confirmation in the terminal stating “DARKNODE NAME has been updated to the latest version on branch” in green.

For more Darknode CLI Command, check out our GitHub page here: https://github.com/renproject/darknode-cli