Claim Darknode Rewards Manually

Didn't get your rewards due to low gas or another issue? It can take 3 hours for your Darknode to restart.

Step One | Make sure you have at least 0.10 ETH for GAS. If so, restart your Darknode by following these instructions:

1) Update your darknode-cli to 3.0.14 via these instructions (above).

2) Once updated, run this command:

darknode update YOUR-DARKNODE-NAME

When complete, close Terminal, and your Darknode should be operational from the command center within a few hours.

3) Restart your Darknode.

4) Once complete, restart your computer and check your Darknode via the Command Center.

Step Two | If the above steps don't work, follow these directions:

1) You can claim rewards manually through Etherscan with this payment contract:

2) Connect your MetaMask wallet you have your darknode's associated with.

3) Under “Write Contract” -> “2. claim”, enter your Darknode address (you can find this under “TECHNICAL INFO” -> “ID (hex)” in the Command Center) and click Write.

4) Be sure to use FAST ETH gas, so no issues occur and then the ERC20 (renBTC, etc) rewards will show up in your wallet.

Note: Restarting a Darknode has been known to use a very small amount of Gas (ETH) if you are restarting around the end or beginning of an Epoch. To avoid this, only restart your Darknode once and wait at least 3 hours.

You must claim rewards every epoch (move assets from 'pending' to 'withdrawable')to not lose them, but you don't have to withdraw at any specific time.